Our goal is simple: Create marketing materials and graphic expressions to communicate your ideas.

Cortica specializes in print and graphic design for small businesses. Be it your business identity, unique product, special promotion or panini du jour, we're here to package it up all neat and pretty for you in the form of images, words and aesthetics to let it shine forth to the world in its very best light.

You might be asking, "And just how do you do this?"

Take a look at our services to see the arenas that we work in, including marketing communications, collaterial materials, promotional graphics, logo design, copy writing and photography...check out our business graphic packages to see how we can create a campaign to launch your business to the next level...and/or riffle through our portfolio to view some examples of work that we’ve done up to this point.

Like what you see? Contact us so that we can start creating things for you.


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